Visions of Light, Inc.

I have been an avid still photographer for as long as I can remember. I started out shooting 35mm and eventually transitioned to digital like most everyone else. More recently I have focused on landscape and wildlife work. My particular area of interest is the Greater Yellowstone area of Montana and Wyoming. In 2007 I discovered the 6x17 panoramic format. While I still shoot most of my wildlife work and some landscape digitally I find the 6x17 format particularly suited for the wide vistas of the rockies. In addition to my wildlife and landscape work I also offer photography services to corporate and travel clients.

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Current Equipment:
Nikon D3s Camera Bodies
Lenses from 14-600mm

Fuji GX617 Medium Format Panoramic System
90mm, 105mm, 180mm, 300mm Lenses

White Lightning Strobes
Nikon Remote Flashes