Audio Packages
We’ve got some of the best sound mixers in Chicago and top-notch equipment to go with them on our roster.

  • Sound Devices 664 w/ CL-6 Mixer/ Recorder
  • Sound Devices 663 Mixer/ Recorder

  • Lectrosonics 411a Receivers
  • Lectrosonics SMQV & SMV Transmitters
  • Sanken COS-11 Lav Microphones
  • Schoeps CMIT 5U & CMC641 Microphones

  • Denecke TS-C Slate
  • Denecke Syc Boxes

  • Comtek BST-25/216 Base Station Transmitter
  • Comtek M-216P7 Transmitters
  • Comtek PR-216 Recievers
Chicago audio package
chicago Sound Mixer
For a complete itemized, list please download our Chicago rental brochure HERE